WinLabs Quality Control Management System


Domit & Domit is releasing the WinLabs System to keep Quality Control Analysis for the Feed and Mix industry.Useful to Lab Companies to support its daily work and giving importantquality result analisis to the Feed and Food Industry Clients, to control, track and trace Raw Material and Final Products quality as a data base of analysis results.


Highly customizable, WinLabs can be configured to store allkind of analysis results over any kind of materials or samples.

Multi User

Multi Client, Multi Units, and Multi User system is extremely flexible and easy to use.By the way of "User Trustees", the activities and screens can be configured per workstation with different tasks or functionality on a Company s Workflow.


Reading results directly from equipments (NIRs, Scales, BAX, VIDAS, Atomic Absorption, etc).Reading of results and export using CSV and XLS spreadsheets.

WinLabs Quality Control Management System

Bromatology, Microbiology, Sensorial Analysis, Chemical-Physical, Granularities, Grains Classification, Meats, Water, effluents, etc..

To the Industry:
  • At Quality Control of Raw Materials and Suppliers
  • At the Final Products Quality Control
  • Issuing graphs and summary reports, historic, average and weighed averaged against raw material load weight
  • Cost and time per analysis
  • External Labs, service labs, samples control
  • Data integration with OptiMix Feed Formulation
To the Lab Office:
  • Traking samples from its entrance, trough its analysis results recording, validation and final official report.
  • Checking and monitoring the quality of the analysis process by checking limit ranges,re submitting to a re analysis, informing total of errors, out bounds, re analysis statistics.
  • Charging costs per Analysis and total per Sample.
  • Controlling the average time per Analysis.
  • Controlling the consumption of lab materials, reagents, equipment usage, etc.
  • Issuing Official Results and publishing over internet in a Customized and password protected Log In page to the Customers.